An Inside Look at the 2017 TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show with Haunted House Media

An Inside Look at the 2017 TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show with Haunted House Media

The TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show took over Downtown St. Louis the end of March, turning the America’s Center into a Halloween lover’s haunted paradise.

The event kicked off on Thursday, March 23rd and ran until Sunday the 26th, giving attendees and exhibitors four days of frightening fun.

The four-day show was a huge success, and filled the show room floor with Haunt Owners, Halloween Enthusiasts, Home Haunters, Prop Makers, Costume Companies and Special Effects Specialists – just to name a few.

Haunted House Media set up shop at Booth #1517 and met with new and existing clients while letting them know about our Early Bird Specials. Many took advantage of the show specials offered and jumped on the idea of attracting more and more visitors to their haunt for the 2017 Halloween Season.

Those who lined up at the America’s Center were eager to reach each and every booth, as there was an endless amount of things to see. Each booth showcased their products and brand, creating a one-stop-shop for Haunt Owners to stock up on all their Haunt Season needs.

The TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show is the only show of its kind and attracts people from all over the nation each year. Take a peek at some photos from the event below and enjoy an inside look from the crew at Haunted House Media!

The Haunted House Media Booth

Natl Sites Banner

Haunt Advertising in All 50 States & Our National Sites


Our Booth – #1517








Booth with clients 9

We Send Them… You Scare Them!


Morris Costumes


Sinister Signs


Dapper Cadaver


Global Fear


Dapper Cadaver


Dapper Cadaver

Booth with clients 3

Assisting Clients

Booth with clients 4

Cait meeting with Sanctum of Horror of Arizona

Booth with clients 5

Client-Filled Booth!

Booth with clients 6

Letting visitors know about the Early Bird Specials


Gore Galore


Bloodlust Productions


Bloodlust Productions


Eville J’s Creepy Closet










Immortal Masks


Booth with clients 7

Helping out some clients

Booth with clients 8

Showing visitors our sites

Booth with clients 13

Crowded booth!


Immortal Masks

20170323_030144 20170323_030113Booth with clients 10

Booth with clients 11 Booth with clients 12 Booth with clients

Froggy's Fog 2

Froggy’s Fog

Froggy's Fog 3

Froggy’s Fog

Froggy's Fog

Froggy’s Fog

Morris Costumes

Morris Costumes

Scare Products Stilt Dude

Scare Products


Don’t Be A Monster


Haunt Visions


Froggy’s Fog


Costumes Creepy Collection

Gene and client


HHM Carpet

Photo Ops with some Haunted House Media clients!

Cait with client

Cait with Ernie from Haunted Graveyard - CTHH

Cait with Ernie from The Haunted Graveyard of Connecticut

Cait with 13th Ward (Formerly Haunted Hill) - MAHH

Cait with 13th Ward (Formerly Haunted Hill) of Massachusetts

Cait with clients 5

Cait with Scare Farm at Norz Hill Farm of New Jersey

Cait with clients

Cait with Legends of Fear at Fairview Tree Farm of Connecticut


Cait with Sanctum of Horror clients

Cait with Sanctum of Horror of Arizona

Cait with Statesville Haunted Prison clients

Cait with Statesville Haunted Prison of Illinois

Cait with clients 2

Cait with Rob from Zombie Toxin Haunted House of Kansas

Cait with clients 4

Cait with Haunted Visions of Missouri

Haunted House Media already can’t wait for the 2018 TransWorld Show! See you there!

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